Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Keychain Design

              Finding and thinking of an idea can take a lot of time and is not easy. In order to complete the whole process of creating the design you must make sure we do research to make sure the idea has not been created. We looked up a few of our ideas and most of them had something similar to what we were thinking of. We would look up pictures and website to see if our plans existed.
              Designing the product took the most time and the most planning. We used a pretty cool program called Tinkercad to create the design. We had to be precise with the way we built it because the size of our keychain. Making a keychain was definitely a huge obstacle.It was very hard to figure out how to make a keychain with circles that would connect around eah other. That took some that was needed, but we chose to ignore until the end when we had extra time. Overall, the engineering and designing was a fun experience.